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  • Simone Mackie

Movement Analysis - accelerated return to Pre-Injury Tasks

Vald Performance 'ForceDecks' and 'Humantrak'

We are often unaware of how we are moving throughout the day, so to have an awareness can assist with self-management and simple exercises can prevent further injuries down the track.

Health Spark Group is currently working with international manufacturing companies onsite to provide proactive assessments, with positive outcomes. By using 'Vald Performance'-'ForceDecks' and 'Humantrak' for movement analytics we have been able to accurately assess warehouse workers currently on claim performing suitable duties and provide appropriate exercises and alternative ways to perform the tasks required in their position. Enabling a safe and accelerated return to pre-injury duties.

Practical training where staff are actively participating in solutions for higher risk tasks such as manual handling is well supported in research and is current best practice. The most consistent evidence for achieving sustainable RTW for both musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and common mental disorders (CMDs) is through support from line managers or supervisors and co-workers, positive attitude and self-efficacy (Etuknwa et al. 2019. Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation). This is encouraged within training.

Vald Performance 'ForceDecks' and 'Humantrak' are portable and easy to set up onsite and the visual data provides immediate feedback of trends and areas of risk allowing the company to take proactive steps towards managing the prevention of injuries.

Initially developed for professional athletes, Health Spark Group have adapted these for the workforce with positive results. More information can be found at

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